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Common Problems and Issues in Cool Rooms That Should Be Regularly Checked

Cool rooms have a wide variety of use but the endpoint is to provide cool temperatures to products or goods that need them. Regular checkups on your cold room can make a big difference as it helps you identify any problems within the cool room before the issue can get out of hands. This also increases the efficiency of the cold room, boosting its operation. Below are some of the common problems that are likely to affect your cold room and that should be checked from time to time. 

Condensating Walls

If you happen to notice that the walls within your cool room are condensating, then you need to find better insulation methods to ensure that your walls remain warm. Increasing the flow of air within your cold room can also ensure that the walls are at the right temperatures. 

Growth of Mould

Mould thrives well in cold environment and this is the reason why it is a common thing in cold rooms. Regular checking can help you identify any signs of mould growth before it can take up a better part of your cold room. Ensuring that your cold rooms are thoroughly cleaned, dry and sanitized is a great way to keep mould away from it.

Air Temperature Issues 

Change in temperature within a cold room can cost you a lot. A change in temperature could be due to poor quality of thermostats used or insensitive thermostats due to old age. This can be mitigated by ensuring that you install high-quality thermostats in your cold rooms and maintaining the already installed thermostats so as to increase their efficiency. It is also good to ensure that your cold room has enough ventilation to maintain the right temperatures. 

Dripping Ceiling

The dripping ceiling is a common problem with cold rooms, and it is often caused by poor ventilation or poor insulation. This problem can be minimized through proper insulation or even having vapour barriers put in place with respect to the direction of the vapour pressure. 

Smelly Air 

Smelly air or bad odour in cold rooms is a common problem in cold rooms, and it could be caused by decaying or rotting products. The gases emitted by decaying or rotting products contain carbon dioxide, which makes the cool room smell very bad. Ensure you regularly check that no products are decaying and if any are, they should be disposed of as soon as they are found. 

Cool rooms are a common thing in different industries. It is therefore very crucial for owners to be familiar with some of the above-mentioned problems and the best ways to mitigate them so that they can maintain effective and efficient cold rooms.