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Storage Tips for Busy People

When you are busy, it can be hard to stay organised. However, paradoxically, it's also essential for busy people to stay organised. Hi, my name is Warren, and I am a collector of stamps, old figurines, model trains, ancient coins, old magazines and antique metal pill containers. However, I also live in a small flat, which means I have to hire a storage unit, and I am a very busy person. As a result of necessity, I have learned a lot of organisational storage strategies and time saving tips, and I am here to share them with you. If you are a busy person with storage needs, I invite you to explore my blog.

Two Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Facility During Your Renovation Project

If you're planning to renovate your home in the near future, it may be a good idea to rent out a self-storage unit before the renovation project begins. Read on to find out why.

To protect your belongings from damage

Renovation work is, by its very nature, chaotic and messy. Even if you are lucky enough to have a very neat, tidy and conscientious renovation crew, the reality is that your home will end up bearing at least a slight resemblance to a landfill site during this project. Dust, timber scraps, bits of plaster, tins of paint, cardboard packaging, nails, tools and dirty rags will be scattered all around the property.

This is why, if you choose to leave your most valuable and fragile possessions in the house whilst the renovation work is being carried out, you will run the risk of these items being severely damaged, potentially to the point where they cannot be repaired. If an open tin of paint is knocked off a ladder or a countertop and splatters everywhere, for example, it could ruin any nearby upholstered furniture, curtains or rugs.

Similarly, if an unsealed bottle of paint stripper or a bucket of water topples over onto any of your electronics (such as a television or a laptop, for example), they would most likely be instantly ruined. There is also a strong possibility that any fragile items you own, like crystal figurines, mirrors and sculptures, could be broken as your labourers carry their tools and bulky construction materials in and out of the property.

Given this, it may be worth renting out a self storage unit in which to put fragile or valuable items so that you don't have to spend the entirety of the renovation project worrying about them being damaged. Most storage units nowadays are extremely secure, clean and temperature-controlled and provide the perfect environment in which to store your most prized possessions. Keeping them in this type of facility will give you with some peace of mind during what will inevitably be a very stressful period of time.

To make life easier for the construction crew

If you want your construction crew to work in an efficient and focused manner, it's important to provide them with an environment that will facilitate this. If your home is filled to the brim with items that your labourers need to sidestep or avoid knocking over, they may find it harder to be productive.

For example, say it's raining outside and some of the construction crew need to set up a work space indoors to cut up some timber. If each room of your home is covered in bulky furniture, books, paperwork, decorative trinkets and other clutter, this will be very difficult for them to do. They'll need to waste time clearing away this clutter or attempt to carry out their work in a cramped corner of one room.

By putting any non-essential items into a self storage unit, you'll be providing your labourers with the space they need to do their work quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you'll spare them from having to worry about accidentally damaging your belongings as they go about their business.